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About Highline Running Adventures

Highline Running Adventures is a full service adventure trail running company located in the heart of the San Juan Mountains of Southwest Colorado. We offer scenic single and multi-day trail running tours, in addition to multi-week “trekking style” adventures to popular destinations around the world. Whether you are someone new to trail running looking for the comfort of running with a guide, or an avid ultra-distance racer simply looking for someone to take care of logistics, we invite you to inquire about our adventures.

Why go with us?

Highline Running Adventures offers running adventures with small group sizes for a more personable experience. While many offered trips out there are “stage races” our running adventures are simply that, an adventure. There is no competition, time limits or rush what so ever.  We give you the freedom to run as fast, or slow, as you like and the time to take in the scenery and overall experience.

“I don’t need a guide to run!”

All of our running adventures are staffed with guides to ensure that you have an enjoyable experience. Although guides will available on the trail everyday, you are never required to run with them if you do not wish to. Many who join our trips are very experienced and competent runners who do not need the assistance of a guide while on the trail and choose to run as they would at home. The main roles of our guides are to coordinate logistics, provide insight on daily runs, ensure group safety and point you in the right direction. For those who do wish to run with a guide they typically will be spread out along the trail, near the front and back of the group, so that all ability levels will have the opportunity to run with them.P1020770